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These are mostly stocked by a specialist children’s bookshop called Tales on Moon Lane (25 Half Moon Lane, London SE24 9 JU, tel. 020 7274 5759) or can be ordered from their website (www.talesonmoonlane.co.uk) Some titles can also be found on Amazon or bought directly from the publisher. A few titles are out of print but I have nevertheless included them, as second-hand copies can sometimes be tracked down.

cover - Julia Donaldson: a biographyJulia Donaldson: a biography

by Gill Howell
OUP Fireflies, 2006,
isbn  978-0198473893

This book is not by me but about me! It is a very short book for beginner readers, part of the OUP’s Fireflies series of non-fiction books.  It includes pictures of me as a child and acting in university plays and tells the story of how I became an author.

cover - The False Tooth FairyThe False Tooth Fairy

Ginn “Pocket Tales”, Year 2, 2C, 2004 (first published 1998),
isbn 978-0602242497

A short story for newly confident readers, about the adventures of a fairy and a dentist.

cover - The Mermaid and the OctopusThe Mermaid and the Octopus

illustrated by Anni Axworthy

Collins Big Cats,
Blue Band 4, 2006,
isbn 978-0007186846

Under the sea, a mermaid is having tea. But a greedy octopus wants her for his tea. What can she do?

cover - The Pot of GoldThe Pot of Gold

illustrated by Sholto Walker

Collins Big Cats,
Purple Band 8, 2006,
isbn 978-0007186969

Sandy and Bonny are always arguing, and nothing ever goes right for them. But one day a little man comes to stay. Will he change their luck?

A retelling of a traditional Scottish tale.

cover - The Magic JigsawThe Magic Jigsaw

Rigby Star, gold level, 1998,
isbn 978-0433028925

One moment Jenny is doing a jigsaw with Grandpa, the next she is travelling back in time to the scene of the jigsaw. Can she escape the nasty housekeeper and make it back to the present?

cover - Jumping JackJumping Jack

Rigby Star, purple level, 1998,
isbn 978-0433029069

Jumping Jack is a character from Jenny’s computer game who decides to leap out of the screen and carry out his quest in her house. But why is he collecting olive oil, bath oil and car oil?

cover Cat WhispersCat Whispers

Rigby Literacy, level 12; only published in the US, 1998,
isbn 978-0763566593

Joe wants a cat for his birthday, but when his friends pass the message on in whispers there are some surprising results. What will he end up getting?

cover I don't Want toI Don’t Want To

Rigby Rockets, blue level, 2003,
isbn 978-0435466596

A very short simple story for beginner readers. Lily is in a bad mood and won’t join in any of Tim’s games. Who can Tim play with?

cover - Town Mouse and Country MouseThe Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

Ginn “All Aboard” Pattern and Rhyme, Stage 3 Set B, 1996,
isbn 978-0602268107

A simple retelling of the traditional tale

cover - Mr. SnowMr Snow

Ginn “All Aboard” Pattern and Rhyme, Stage 2, set B, 1996,
isbn 978-0602268053

A very short, simple rhyming story for beginner readers, about a girl and a snowman.

cover - Spacegirl SueSpacegirl Sue

Ginn “All Aboard” Pattern and Rhyme, Stage 2, set B, 1996,
isbn 978-0602268077

A very short, simple rhyming story for beginner readers, about a child who discovers a strange girl in the school dustbin.

cover - The Kink's EarsThe King’s Ears

Oxford Literacy Web, Stage 7 pack A, 2000,
isbn 978-0199158607

Why will King March never take off his crown? Only Owen, his hairdresser knows. But will Owen be able to keep the King’s secret? A retelling of a traditional Welsh story, which is also available as a Big Book.

cover - The Boy Who Talked to the BirdsThe Boy Who Talked to the Birds

Oxford Literacy Web, Stage 7 pack A, 2000,
isbn 978-0199158621

A big, black bird tells Hamish a story. But will it come true? A retelling of a traditional Scottish story

cover - The Strange DreamThe Strange Dream

Oxford Literacy Web, Stage 7 pack A, 2000,
isbn 978-0199158614

Kate keeps dreaming that an old man on London Bridge has good news for her. But what is the good news? Kate walks to London to find out. A retelling of a traditional English story

cover - HamletHamlet

Longman “Hilo Pelican”, 2002,
isbn 978-0582551756

Prince Hamlet was in a black mood. He couldn’t rest until he had killed his father’s murderer, and yet he couldn’t make himself do it. . . . A retelling of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” in comic strip form, suitable for reluctant readers

cover - Midsummer DreamMidsummer Dream

Longman “Hilo Pelican”, 2002,
isbn 978-0582551763

An adapted retelling of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in comic strip form, set in a 21 st-century rock festival. Suitable for reluctant readers.

I have always loved A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ever since at the age of 12 I understudied the fairies in a production at London’s Old Vic and drove my family mad by quoting non-stop from the play.

cover - Clever KatyaClever Katya

Ginn “All Aboard” Traditional Tales, Stage 8, 1999,
isbn 978-0602293925

A retelling of a Russian folk tale about a peasant girl who is a match for the Czar. There is also a Big Book version.

cover - The Noises Next DoorThe Noises Next Door

Ginn “All Aboard” Traditional Tales, Stage 8, 1999,
isbn 978-0602293901

What do you do when one neighbour has screaming triplets and the other one plays the drums all night? A retelling of an old Chinese joke.

cover - Waiter! Waiter!Waiter! Waiter!

Heinemann “Rhyme World”, Stage 4, 1998,
isbn 978-0435098742

A funny rhyming story set in a station café, bringing in lots of long “a” vowels:

“Oh waiter, waiter, come back here

And take these cakes away!”

cover - The Brownie KingThe Brownie King

Heinemann “Rhyme World”, Stage 4, 1998,
isbn 978-0435098865

“He had white powder on his face,

All floury, like a clown.

He had a flower in his hand.

He wore a tiny crown.”

A rhyming story bringing in lots of “ou” and “ow” vowels. Two children release the little brownie King from a teapot, and as a reward he turn he turns them into various animals.

cover - The Kings PorridgeThe King’s Porridge

Ginn “All Aboard” Pattern and Rhyme Stage 5 set B, 1996,
isbn 978-0602273057

Morag wishes she had more land. is surprised to see Robert the Bruce at her door. He wants a bowl of her delicious porridge, but he ends up giving more than he gets. A simple retelling of a traditional Scottish tale.

cover - Counting ChickensCounting Chickens

Ginn “All Aboard” Pattern and Rhyme, Stage 3 Set B, 1996,
isbn 978-0602268114

When a farmer gives Meg an egg, her head fills with plans about becoming rich. But will her plans or the egg hatch out? A simple retelling of a traditional tale

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