As well as the stories you can find in bookshops and libraries, I’ve written a lot of books for schools. Many of these are plays, which you can find out about on the plays page of this website. Then there is a whole phonic reading scheme called Songbirds Phonics. There are 60 Songbirds books, and they’re available for classroom and also home use. Click on the picture below to learn more. (As you can see, even the Gruffalo likes them!)

All the other educational books can be found by scrolling down. Although a few are out of print I have included them anyway, as second-hand copies can sometimes be found.

Julia Donaldson: a biography
The False Tooth Fairy
The Mermaid and the Octopus
The Pot of Gold
The Magic Jigsaw
Jumping Jack
Cat Whispers
I Don’t Want To
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
Mr Snow
Spacegirl Sue
The Boy Who Talked to the Birds
Midsummer Dream
Waiter! Waiter!
The King’s Porridge
Counting Chickens