Running on the Cracks Play

Leo’s world has been turned upside down. Her parents are gone and her bird-loving uncle is getting too close for comfort. She is only sure of one thing … she must get out.

In a desperate bid to find the grandparents she never knew, Leo jumps on a train to Glasgow, penniless and stealing food to survive. A nationwide hunt for her begins. Will she track down her grandparents, or will her uncle get to her first?

"Run. Keep running. You're doing the right thing. Lie low. Head down. Don't look back. Just keep running. And whatever you do, don't tread on the cracks..."

“Andy Arnold…has freely but sensitively reimagined Julia Donaldson’s young adult novel for the stage.” The Times

“Running on the Cracks is a novel-turned play which hits its target audience with near perfect aim.” Nouse