Running on the Cracks

Leo’s running from her past.  Finlay’s running into trouble.  Together they stumble into a crazy new world of secrets, lies and Chinese food.  But someone is on Leo’s trail … Don’t tread on the cracks.  If you tread on a crack it could be him.

“Donaldson’s flair for a good story extends way up the age-scale.”  – The Times

“An engaging story about people you really come to care about” – The Guardian

“It gripped my 13-year-old from start to finish.” – The Telegraph

“A thrilling corkscrew of a novel that twists and turns weaving several strands of story into one compelling narrative…” Julia Eccleshare, Lovereading.

Julia says ...

This is a novel for teenagers – my longest book. It is set in Glasgow, where I lived for twenty-five years, and was partly inspired by my youngest son Jerry, who did a paper round like Finlay in Running on the Cracks.

I have dramatised six scenes from the early sections of the book, so that they can be acted out in English or Drama classes. To download these scenes in PDF format, click here.

The book was dramatized by Andy Arnold from Glasgow’s Tron theatre, and then performed at the Tron and several other UK theatres. The play version has since been published.

Winner of the Nasen Inclusive Children’s Book Award 2009. (This award is for a book that provides positive images of people with special educational needs and disability, including mental health issues.)