The Dinosaur’s Diary

It’s hard for Hypsilophodon (H to her friends) to find a safe place to lay her eggs with so many bigger fiercer dinosaurs around. When she falls into a mysterious pool and finds herself on a modern farm, things don’t get any easier. How do you keep thirteen growing baby dinosaurs safe and secret?

“canters along, full of fun and energy.”The Scotsman

Julia says ...

When I was a child I went to a lecture about dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, and was amazed to learn that most of them were not giants but about the size of a hen or a cat.

The Dinosaur’s Diary is about one of these small creatures, who lives in perpetual terror of T Rex and the like.

The book contains great line drawings by Debbie Boon. (The cover is by Axel Scheffler.)

For a Dinosaur’s Diary activity sheet, click dinosaur.pdf